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Take A New Approach to Enterprise Technology

Most existing Enterprise IT is a collection of vendor delivered monolithic systems that don't work well with modern architecture concepts and delivery methodologies.

How can you transform your existing Enterprise Architecture to gain the speed and agility of a “Startup”? We take a Cloud Native and API Centric approach to Enterprise Technology and apply a proven Agile and DevOps practices.

Our experience and expertise can help you break down the barriers to fast and consistent delivery of modern IT solutions.

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What We Do

Agile and DevOps

Current approach to software projects not working? Releases too slow? Too many defects? People are multi-tasking all over the place. It’s a mess. Are Agile and DevOps the answer?


The lading Internet companies are reaping massive benefits from this architecural style, can you too? What's it all about and where to start? It's a tough journey so let us be your gude.


Platform architectures are magnifying the benefits of Agile, DevOps and Continious Integration! Platform building is an essential new business strategy, want to know where to start?


What will your business look like in 5 or 10 years time? we don't know, you don't know. We know that your technology will need to be agile enough to adapt to what ever is next. Thsi is what digital is really about!

Major Customers


Some Of Our work

Integrated Development

A large multi-national needed to fix their software development issues. They needed to automate their software pipeline for Continuous Delivery. We worked with their development team to build an Integration Platform that connects and coordinates all their existing tools to form a CD pipeline.

API Platform

A large Telecoms operator was having a major problem rolling out new solutions across different markets. We designed and commissioned a cloud based API Platform with an Integration Framework in each market that they now use to rapidly deliver Cloud hosted solutions that run across multiple markets.

Cloud Integration

A retail group operating across multiple business segments has no view of the entire business operations. We create an integration framework for them to combine a number of in-house and Cloud-Based SaaS solutions that now give full visibility of all aspects of the business in real-time.

Digital Transformation

A Mobile Network Operator upgrading their BSS to support their Digital Transformation. Digital is dependent on a modern integration approach. Exposing legacy systems as modern API’s, Integrated Identity and credentials across all customer touch points are all essential to success.

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